Get unlimited public skating when you switch your lessons payment to Direct Debit!

We’re launching Direct Debits as a payment method for skating lessons, so you’ll no longer need to top up your lessons every six weeks. Switch to Direct Debit to make booking lessons a breeze – enjoy a seamless continuation of weekly lessons throughout the year (only excluding the two-week Christmas break), plus, you’ll have access to unlimited public skating once you switch to the Direct Debit scheme!



Skating Lessons – £55 per month 
Ice Hockey Lessons – £55 per month 
Tots Skating Lessons – £38 per month

Skating Lessons – £75 every 6 weeks
Ice Hockey Lessons – £75 every 6 weeks
Tots Skating Lessons – £50 every 6 weeks 

You can switch to Direct Debit payments from 12pm on Wednesday 22 March 2023. However, please allow your lesson credits to run out before signing up for the Direct Debit scheme. 

What you need to know as you make the switch

1. The price of lessons is based on a 30-minute lesson each week throughout the year. The only exclusion is the two week break at Christmas.
2. Due to demand, we will be unable to accommodate swapping and changing lesson dates and times, so your lessons must be used on the same day and time each week.
3. When you sign up for a Direct Debit, you will pay a one-off fee by card for the lessons that you have up until the collection of the first Direct Debit. The Direct Debit will be collected on the date in the payment summary page.
4. Once signed up to the Direct Debit scheme, you have access to unlimited public skating! This must be booked by the account holder prior to each public skating session, and you can use this advantage on however many public skating sessions you’d like through the weeks, months and years.

Please note

Until 30 June 2023, the Pay As You Go option will only be available at the rates listed above. The Pay As You Go option does not include unlimited public skating. After this date, lessons will only be available on Direct Debit. 

Ready to switch to Direct Debit but need some support? 

Our Ice Sports Team will be available on the following dates and times to help set up Direct Debit payments: 
Wednesday 22 March – 4.30 – 6.30pm
Thursday 23 March – 5.30 – 6.30pm 
Saturday 25 March – 9 – 11am 
Sunday 26 March – 9- 11am & 12.30 – 2.30pm
Wednesday 29 March – 4.30 – 6.30pm
Thursday 30 March – 5.30 – 6.30pm 
Saturday 1 April – 9 – 11am 
Sunday 2 April – 9- 11am & 12.30 – 2.30pm

If you have any other queries, please contact

See you on the ice!

Terms and conditions can be found here

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