We take the safety and security of our visitors very seriously and our staff are trained to ensure that everyone has a safe, secure and enjoyable experience at the National Ice Centre. 


Security Measures at the National Ice Centre

We have various security measures in place, some of which you can see and some that you can’t! Our site is monitored 24/7 via a central control room, and we work with local police and authorities to ensure our procedures are up to date and following best practice.

When attending a skating session, please arrive in plenty of time to allow for ticket and bag checks, and to be able to put your skates on.


Our staff are a great team of fully trained and approachable people that have everyone’s safety at the forefront of everything they do. You will see staff members at all areas around the venue, ready to answer any of your questions!

If You See Something, Say Something 

Venue security is everyone’s responsibility so if you see something that’s not right or out of place, report it to a member of our team immediately – no matter the uniform!

Keeping You Safe

We have lots of safety schemes in place for our visitors including our safeguarding policy, qualified first-aiders on site for all skating sessions, and defibrillators at the venue.

We also have a child safe scheme where we offer free wristbands for your children in the unfortunate event they are separated from a parent/guardian. A contact number will be written on the wristbands and in the event of your child being lost, you will be contacted by our Ice Sports Team. You can collect a wristband from Skate Hire which is located on Level 1 of the venue.

If you feel nervous about you or your children skating on the ice, we have ice equipment available to hire from Skate Hire. This will give some extra assistance while ice skating on the rink. We also have gloves and socks available to buy if you’re prone to feeling the cold!