safeguarding policy

The National Ice Centre (NIC) is the East Midlands’ premier entertainment venue, providing a wealth of music concerts, family and comedy shows plus sporting events and activities. The venue attracts a high volume of customers each year and has a wide audience ranging. We recognise our duty of care to keep all our customers and staff safe, and to specifically safeguard and protect children, young people and adults at risk. We are therefore committed to providing a safe environment and ensuring the welfare of children and adults whilst at our venue.

The NIC has a number of safeguarding policies and procedures in place with a number of different aims:

• Providing policies and procedures that aim to minimise the potential for safeguarding issues to arise
• Encouraging all staff to become the ‘eyes and ears’ of the business to identify safeguarding concerns
• Upskilling and training staff and management to be ‘Safeguarding Officers’, who can develop and advance the safeguarding agenda
• Providing a pathway for safeguarding queries or concerns to be raised to Safeguarding Officers
• Providing a procedure for how the business investigates and deals with safeguarding issues
• Ensuring that links are made and information is shared with the relevant authorities when necessary
• Ensuring safeguarding training is regularly provided to staff, particularly those who have increased exposure to areas in which children, young people and adults at risk frequent
• Providing thorough policies and guidance documents for job roles that deal directly with children, young people or adults at risk, including behaviours and codes of conduct
• Ensuring that we have robust recruitment and training policies that incorporate safeguarding measures

We take our safeguarding responsibilities very seriously. We closely record and monitor safeguarding issues to identify and anticipate trends and take appropriate actions to deal with issues as they arise, as well as taking proactive measures to prevent them occurring. The NIC Safeguarding Review Panel comprises members of our Senior Management team and members of the Nottingham City Council Safeguarding team. The panel provides a breadth of experience and variety of backgrounds to help us manage safeguarding issues effectively. We also work closely with the Governing Bodies of our sports to ensure information is shared when thought necessary.

Finally, our focus is on ensuring that children, young people, adults at risk and everybody else can attend our venue, and feel safe whilst having fun with friends and family, and enjoy the activities and entertainment we offer. We are proud of our venue and proud of the culture we have developed in which safeguarding is considered a fundamental aspect of the business.

Please email if you have any queries or concerns.