Adult Skills Class


On-ice training (5.30 - 6.15pm)

Off-ice training (6.20 - 6.50pm)

Starting on Wednesday 2 November, we’re introducing a fun and engaging skills class for skaters aged 16+ to help boost confidence and develop a wider skill set!

This non-competitive class focuses on both on-ice and off-ice aspects of the skating journey, and is designed to help those who have passed Level 8 to take their skating to the next level. Instead of passing grades, the aim is to improve your fundamental skating skills in a social environment with other skaters.   

You can join us for both the on-ice and off-ice training or come along for just the on-ice part of the class if you prefer!

Adults Skills Class packages include:
Full package
– 45 minutes of on-ice training followed by 30 minutes of off-ice training per week – £70 a month by Direct Debit OR £25 per session on pay as you go
Half package – 45 minutes of on-ice training per week – £50 a month by Direct Debit  

Sign up instructions via Direct Debit
1. Head to
2. Click on ‘Sign Up Now’
3. Select ‘Sign up for a membership’ and click ‘Next’
4. Select ‘Figure Skating’ and click ‘Next’
5. Select ‘Adult Skills Class (Half or Full)’ and click ‘Next’
6. Select at least ‘todays date’ and click ‘Next’
7. If you have an account already, please head to b. If not, please head to a
a. Select ‘Yes, I have a Email Address and Password’ and then enter your e-mail address, password and the security code, then click ‘Next’, [please head to 8]
b. Enter your details, click ‘Next’ [please head to 8]
8. Enter your details, click ‘Next’
9. Select ‘PAY AND FINISH’

Sign up instructions for Pay As You Go
1. Head to
2. Enter the Wednesday you would like to book for 
3. Add the session to your basket and pay at the checkout

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