junior ice hockey clinic

Junior Ice Hockey Clinic

Thursday 30 May

We provide an affordable opportunity for young hockey players that may not be able to attend a full week of hockey camp during the holidays. Our junior hockey clinic gives players of all abilities the chance to get on the ice and improve their skills.

Our upcoming clinic is on Thursday 30 May 2024 between 9.45am – 5.15pm

Learn from seasoned coaches who are passionate about developing young players for only £45 per child. See below for our complete clinic schedule:

10:15-10:45ChangeChanging Rooms
10:45-12:15On-Ice Session 1 (Skating & Station Based Drills)Arena Ice Pad
12:15-12:45ChangeChanging Rooms
12:45-13:45Lunch (Hot Lunch provided)Subzero Café
13:45-14:15Off-Ice Session 1 – ShootingCCM Rink Shooting Area
14:15-15:15Off-Ice Session 2 – ShootingArena Concourse
15:15-15:45ChangeChanging Rooms
15:45-16:45On Ice Session 2 (Small Area Games + Cross Ice)CCM Rink
16:45-17:15ChangeChanging Rooms
17:15Last CollectionTBC upon registration

Important Information:

  • Players aged 9 years and under or those requiring assistance changing, must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Full protective equipment required.
  • Please bring trainers/sports shoes for off-ice sessions.

Ready to take your game to the next level?

Our Junior Ice Hockey Clinic is your chance to train with experienced coaches, learn new skills, and have a blast on the ice!